Seniors and Art Eurythmy

Artistic Eurythmy

Eurythmic exercises are proven to be agreeable for any age group. Through the sounds and the rhythm of speech, refreshing breathing movements are created affecting the whole body. In general, I work with texts according to the seasons and festival periods alternating between serious and amusing texts.

Depending on what eurythmic movement exercise is applied, an encouraging, refreshing or reassuring effect on the senses or limbs is experienced. Even for older people, there is a vast selection of exercises and experiences. Naturally, these can be adapted to suit the movement capabilities of the patient.

Adelheid Fröhlich-Lilja

Eurythmic exercises can be done in single or group sessions, seated or in movement. One exercise unit covers usually 40 – 60 minutes.
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Eurythmy Therapy
Eurythmy therapy is an exercise therapy belonging to the field of anthroposophic medicine and has been successfully applied for the past 80 years. Erythmy therapy is prescribed by the doctor. This therapy is used in different indications, with acute, chronic or degenerative illnesses and also as a prophylaxis and aftercare. Eurythmy therapy can be implemented in any age group and is also suitable for the treatment of patients who are bedridden (or wheelchair bound).

Eurythmy therapy with single patients. Payment is accepted privately or via your health insurance company.